Shadows of the Mind

Synopsis (of Lacrimosa, the first novel): Lacrimosa_COVER_FRONT_300

Lila has no memory of who she is or how she ended up walking the streets of Manhattan alone in July of 2232. She only knows she is being hunted by day and haunted through the night by dreams of a man she can’t remember apart from when her subconscious self holds him at gunpoint. Still reeling from the death of his brother, Derek seeks justice. When he views footage incriminating Lila, the woman he’s come to care for perhaps too greatly, Derek knows something is very wrong. Derek’s sister Desi blames herself for Damian’s death, unable to forget how unkind she was to him at their last meeting and how she never repaid him for taking care of her after the death of their parents. In her guilt, she turns to Ravenna, a trained assassin and Damian’s fiancée, to ensure that Lila is brought to justice while Desi herself seeks comfort in her brothers’ business partner Eddie. Derek vows to find Lila before the police—and Ravenna, who is resolute that murder should be punished in kind—and determine the truth, even if that involves trusting the one woman he shouldn’t.

Published Works: 


  • The first novel in the Shadows of the Mind saga.
  • Published by Adelaide Books.


  • The second novel in the Shadows of the Mind saga.
  • Published by Adelaide Books.

Shadows_of_the_Mind_Cover_for_KindleShadows of the Mind

In the 2200s, President Isabella Hartley commissions her senior advisor to lead the Division, an organization dedicated to creating the perfect android soldier to take the place of humans in combat. The effects of this move are far-reaching, as Isabella’s daughter Rachel is left to head the Division years after her mother’s administration and deal with the rogue androids it spawned, including Mia, who has ties to the death of robotics mogul Damian Lawrence. Damian’s fiancée Ravenna, his brother Derek, his sister Desi, and his business partner Eddie are dragged into the world of shadows, betrayal, and murder along with Lila, Damian’s company’s first creation, and the world’s first near-human android.

  • A collection of short stories
  • Published by Aphotic Realm

(Some of the short stories are available to read on Aphotic Realm, which has been kind enough to feature the Shadows of the Mind timeline. They also interviewed me about it.)


The Geminus Saga

Synopsis (of the first novel): 

Ilona Celesta rules the Imperium of Serenity following the death of her predecessor, who fell to an enemy that crawled out of the darkest crevices of the universe.

The throne has passed from one Council family to another since the Imperium’s creation, but no one from the Celesta bloodline has been selected in almost one thousand cycles—until Ilona. She’s the first in her family to rule since Meira, who is remembered as a savior of their people for banishing an unspeakable evil. Ilona finds herself on the frontlines of a war that has been brewing for generations, and she’s determined to prove herself worthy of carrying on her family’s legacy.

But the leader of the Tainted Ones, the Imperium’s deadly adversaries, wants to end the war for reasons of his own. When Ilona refuses his demands, she is captured by his forces, and she has no intention of cooperating. But she soon learns that the leader of the enemy is Kadmus Avior, a descendant of the man Meira banished, and he has overwhelming evidence that Ilona may be fighting on the wrong side of history. The reach of the evil her ancestor fought has traveled farther than she realized, and the lies that built the Celesta name are just the beginning.

Published Works: 

(Short stories and novel excerpts are listed below in chronological order.)


  • Maxim Avior returns to Serenity to confront the woman responsible for his banishment and discovers a terrible secret.
  • Originally published in Nothing to Lose by Thirteen O’Clock Press, 2017. Reprinted in SciFan Magazine, 2017.

“Son of Shadow”

  • Raised in exile by his father, Kadmus seeks to learn the truth about his homeworld and reunite with his mother.
  • Originally published in SciFan Magazine, 2017.

The Sanctities of Light, Excerpt

  • When the Enlightened One, Calum Lychinus, is killed in action, Ilona Celesta is called to an assembly for the selection of her people’s next leader.
  • Originally published in Grassroots Literary Magazine, 2016.


  • Kadmus Avior must confront the leader of his people’s enemy, with whom he shares an ancestral feud.
  • Originally published in Aphotic Realm: Banished, 2017.


  • Lucius Veta struggles to reconcile the rumors of his queen’s treachery with what he recalls from growing up alongside her.
  • Originally published in Fugitives by Sinister Saints Press, 2015. Reprinted in SciFan Magazine, 2017.

Blood and Fury

Synopsis (of the first novel):

The balance of power between mages and vampires has been strained at the best of times, but when rogue vampire Lysander orchestrates the destruction of a mage school, he unleashes chaos.

Julian Bellamy has been raised to follow in his father’s footsteps as Lysander’s right-hand man, though he lives in fear of what he has watched his colleagues become in the service of their murderous master. He is torn between his need to prove himself and his love for longtime friend Vanessa Capulet, who fights to suppress her vampiric nature to avoid becoming like her ruthless cousin Lizbeth.

Vanessa wants nothing more than the freedom to live her own life, but her mother is determined to marry her off to Victor, one of Lysander’s cruelest initiates, for his family’s status.

Meanwhile, Ally Johanssen is torn between her huntress mother’s expectations and her fear of being forced to fight, and Evangeline Pike struggles with what it means to be the head of a prominent mage bloodline at age twenty-one as her people are faced with the beginnings of a war they have no idea how to stop.

Published Works: 

Immortal Dissent immortaldissent

For untold years, the vampires created by Apollo and the mages created by Artemis have been at war. The two races were blessed with gifts, each designed to keep the other in check as the vampires fed on blood to survive and the mages hunted vampires to keep them from causing too much harm to the world at large. Over the last few centuries, many mages have been corrupted by the glory of the hunt while certain members of the Born, the vampiric elite, have been planning a new world in which they will be unrestricted by their hunters—no matter how many people they have to kill to see that world brought to life. Within this collection of stories and historical documents from both sides, blood feuds span hundreds of years, families are torn apart by death and betrayal, and a series of young men and women struggle to find their place in a war that it seems no one can win.

  • A collection of short stories
  • Published by Bloodstone Press



warhawksSynopsis (of the novella and upcoming novel): 

Leonidas Ravenwood joined Admiral Moore’s Human Liberation Army with the goal of eliminating the bird-like volucri and protecting his family. He didn’t anticipate the volucri would learn his identity and bring the fight to him. When Leonidas’s home is attacked and his daughter is abducted, he learns how little his life and those of his family members mean to the Admiral. This becomes doubly terrifying when Leonidas’s wife Septima volunteers to join the HLA in the hope that its resources will help her to find their daughter and Leonidas is ordered to train her to kill.

Published Works: 

(The novella is in the process of being expanded into a novel. The short stories are listed chronologically and take place before the novella, apart from “Shadows,” which takes place near the end of it.)


  • Leonidas Ravenwood finds himself delayed to an important event by his work interrogating a captive for Admiral Moore.
  • Originally published in In A Flash… by Sinister Saints Press, 2016. Reprinted as bonus content with Warhawks.


  • Leonidas reflects on how the Human Liberation Army has disrupted his life with his wife Septima and has also been an answer to his need to protect her.
  • Published in The Colored Lens, 2017.


  • While walking home from performing with her band at The Blue Lily, Septima Ravenwood notices headlines about the HLA and worries for Leonidas.
  • Originally published in In A Flash… by Sinister Saints Press, 2016. Reprinted as bonus content with Warhawks.



  • Septima faces the final task of her training for induction into the HLA: a serum that makes people experience their worst fears. Meanwhile, Leonidas reflects on what he saw while under the serum’s effects.
  • Originally published in Coming Around Again by the Central Arkansas Speculative Fiction Writers Group, 2016, Kindle or paperback. Reprinted in Quickfic and as bonus content with Warhawks.



The Silenced thesilenced1

Johanna and her friends on the high school’s scholar bowl team have never been popular, so when their classmates begin to ignore the team’s existence completely, no one is immediately suspicious. It isn’t until her teammates start to disappear that Johanna realizes something is very wrong. Can she determine what’s happening to her friends before the dark figures haunting her nightmares come for her, too?

  • A standalone novel
  • Published by Bloodstone Press


  • Ava, gifted with incredible mental gifts, finds herself entrapped by a dark governmental group and seeks to escape and locate her children.
  • Originally published in Displacement by Sinister Saints Press, 2015. Reprinted in SciFan Magazine and Aphotic Realm: CLASSIFIED.


  • Calista and Jason find their peaceful daily lives disrupted when their eternal pursuers appear with the café’s morning crowd.
  • Only in print in In A Flash… by Sinister Saints Press, 2016.